Allergy Treatment in Sutton Coldfield

NAET Treating  Allergies  Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield, Tamworth

Unique Method to Balance Energy Blocks in order to Eliminate Allergies


  • Acupressure Techniques used to Eliminate Allergies and/or Insensitivities
  • Resolve undiagnosed allergies/sensitivities/intolerance
  • Unsolved & undiagnosed health problems due to Allergies or Intolerance to Food or Chemicals
  • Tired all the Time
  • Discover your Nutritional Needs
  • Kinesiology Testing

Key Advantages


No Lengthy Elimination Diets

NAET is a specific form of treatment for allergies and intolerance and many chronic disturbances which aims to “switch off” or stop the over-reaction of the nervous system and de-sensitise the system. The treatment is pain-free so is suitable for all ages and symptoms. It works by clearing through the main body meridians to balance the whole body.

Many undiagnosed or mystifying illnesses may be influenced by an imbalance in the whole and a possible trigger is an allergy or mistaken overreaction to a food, pollen, perfume etc. NAET aims to identify then clear the imbalance of the specific trigger to clear the reaction.