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Massage & Aroma-Massage & Indian Head Massage (women only)

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Indian Head n Lichfield & Burton & Sutton Coldfield

I developed my own deep muscle massage in response to pleas to help underlying pain, stiffness and lack of mobility. I brought in my knowledge and experience of Reflexology and Healing Touch to enhance the end result.

Most people come with restricted movement in shoulders and neck, sacro-iliac (bottom of spine) pain and knee problems. Sensitively using pressure into locked muscles starts to lengthen and smoothe away tension and pain so the body can align itself correctly.

I trained originally in Swedish Massage but over the years experimented on finding more effective touch techniques that I feel help.

  • Deep Muscle Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage
  • Indian Head Massage

Smell is a powerful stimulant and Aromatherapy Oils offer many solutions to a wide variety of ills. They are great at relieving Stress and Anxiety and picking the right Oil to either calm the mind or increase energy is very beneficial. An Oil Blend can also be specially selected to help with muscular tension, better breathing, increased Lymph Circulation and Waste Removal etc.                                                             The Aromatherapy Massage is designed as a Lymph Drainage support so is light and relaxing.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique used to stimulate and relax the many muscles in the scalp and head and neck deeply releasing the huge amount of tension held there which can seriously crimp movement and ease in everyday life. The Hair also benefits from a conditioning effect.                         It is traditionally done in a sitting position using oil but can be done lying and without oils.

So, choose which massage suits you according to whether you want deep muscle relief, relaxing massage with added Aroma Benefit or more simple but not less effective Indian Head Massage.