Reflexology for all illness and fertility reflexology

Reflexology for all illness

MOBILE THERAPIST – Home Visits available in Lichfield & Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield & Burton-on-Trent


 Reflexology uses an accurate map or mirror of the whole body on the feet, hands and ears. Whenever there is an imbalance in the body or mind or emotional make up this is also mirrored in the feet and feet reflexes. The Reflexologist reads illness and stress as an imbalance which we aim to correct and bring back wellness. The skilled practitioner can feel small differences in texture and temperature, feel crystals under the skin and imbalances in the energy of the feet. By using different thumb pressures these imbalances can then be corrected. There is a constant interplay of conversation and messages sent in order to clear obstacles to good health.

Mostly the feet are treated but it is useful to add in the hands and/or ears to strengthen the intensity and reinforce the treatment when needed.

Although points can feel tender Reflexology usually induces a sense of deep relaxation and calm wellbeing.

* Targets Nerve Pain, Back Pain Muscle Pain

* Clears Toxins and Congestion

* Balances organs and energy disturbances

* Brings about Deep Relaxation to melt Stress and Anxiety

* Clears and moves the Lymph Circulation

To help achieve a proper balance and achieve optimal health a series of weekly sessions is recommended. (Approximately 6-8 sessions)

To maintain a healthy balance in life in a busy stressful world why not try a monthly health check and top up and pamper

Reflexology for fertility

Preparation for conception (normalises hormones, prepares for conception)

Help for all those niggling pregnancy effects (morning sickness, pains, indigestion, fatigue)

Preparation for birth (better, more natural pregnancy, shorter birth time, less intervention)

Post-Natal (quicker recovery, more energy – baby also enjoys gentle reflexology – good for colic)

Vertical Reflexology

Trained with Lynne Booth

Inspired techniques specific to Back Pain and Mobility 

Lymph drainage techniques

Healing Brazilian Toe Balance especially useful for very debilitated patients as in a hospice or hospital melts away Stress and Anxiety

Encourages better circulation

Over the years I have treated and seen improvement in many disorders such as back pain, Irritable Bowel, migraine, asthma, difficult periods and many more.