Reiki Master Healing and Atunements in Sutton Coldfield

Reiki Master Healing and Atunements in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Burton for stress, anxiety and pain

Reiki Master Healing dissolves energy blocks, rebalances the Chakras (distributors of specific types of energy), clears blockages in the Aura and energy field and clears the mind to bring focus. Reiki Healing also aims to bring about Peace to “a thirsty Soul” and an anxious and depressed state of mind leading to an increased WellBeing and Wellness.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy”. This Life Force Energy is the Higher Intelligence underlying all created matter and energy, the Source of all Life and the life-force which lies inside all Beings.

Reiki Master Healing and Atunements in Sutton Coldfield

Would you like to receive a Reiki Master Healing?

Reiki healing is done by bringing healing energy through the body and chakra energy vortexes (crown, brow, throat & heart) & out through the hands of the Healer into the body & surrounding energy of the Patient. It channels this intelligent life force from the universal field and so does not use the personal energy of the Healer.

Reiki does not adhere to any religion, cult, creed or Spiritualism and is open to all unconditionally. The Healer’s aim is to create the right circumstances for the higher source’s innate intelligence to channel energy where it is needed & the recipient is then set upon their own path of healing. You may feel sources of heat or coolness or tingling You may see colours or simply feel the energy and become  deeply relaxed, almost in a meditative state.

What does a Reiki Healer experience? A Reiki Healer will be looking and feeling for blockages which often feel like tingling or empty spaces or areas that feel or seem full of clogged up energy that needs cleaning and clearing.

Would you like a Reiki Atunement in Sutton Coldfield?

The Reiki Attunements are performed by a Reiki Master who facilitates the process and is a gift and tool to open up all areas of your life. It helps you energise and break down blocks to giving and receiving a treatment. Reiki is a natural talent we all have for healing but like many things can be nurtured and learnt. Reiki Healing is a process of being connected To the Reiki Energy through an Attunement or Empowerment. Using Reiki is a matter of awareness and is a tool for Spiritual Growth which can open up all areas of your life. Be aware though Reiki healing can highlight areas of yourself that need lighting up and can accelerate you into a higher vibrational field.

Reiki Principles

Just for today, do not worry.
Just for today, do not anger.
Honour your teachers, Your parents, Your neighbours, your Friends.
Give thanks for all living Things.
Earn you living honestly.