About Me

Welcome to Deborah at HeartSongtherapies.

I started my journey into holistic therapies 25 years ago by studying Reflexology in Brighton. I was lucky to be learning at the start when this fantastic therapy was being recognised and to be taught by 2 wonderful and wise tutors. This is where I came to fully appreciate how comprehensive and effective Reflexology can be in the right hands. I have only deepened my faith in Reflexology since and have been lucky to have extended my training in Advanced Reflex Training with Tony Porter as well as Vertical Reflex Therapy with Lynne Boothe and to have widened my skills with Lymphatic Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology. I have treated a wide range of illnesses over the years and to have found Reflexology to be very advantageous.

While working on the feet I realised I had a natural bent towards healing and so entered on my next journey by doing Spiritual Healing Training. This consisted of being supported in a group while being guided in the correct way to channel the healing Light through and to the person being healed. Simple? Well, yes and No. Profound most definately and life enhancing personally. Later when Reiki was offered to me and became the most recognised form of Healing I chose the training and atunements up to Reiki Master Healer/Teacher and enjoyed the spread and depth of knowledge I learned from,

I have delved deeply into Buddhist Meditation and Teachings and enjoy the Eastern Mode of teaching. Although I do stress that Reiki and Healing is not a religion or a philosophy but a treatment using the Universal Light.

Working with Sound Techniques and instruments, especially the Voice is just a lot of fun!! I like to be Creative and to empower people to use their own innate skills to restructure their cells. Sound as a medium always seems effortless to me.

I am not afraid to bring all these different threads to my work and over the years have come to appreciate my motto of “Let go and Let Flow”.

I offer my work as a Mobile Therapist in your own home in the Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Areas