Tips to help improve health and well being

Acupressure Tips

  1. A tip to help stimulate brain activity and concentration – Vigorously rub the Lobes of the Ears  With thumbs and fingers and feel your focus clear
  2. BREATHE – Remember to fill the whole central body cavity to release tension and oxygenate cells     Tip – For focus, place your hands on your belly and feel them move outwards when filling with breath through the nose then gradually move the breath upwards into the chest, ribs, throat and head and then slowly release the breath through the mouth. Repeat a few times.
  3. Tip for Headaches – try pressing the web between the thumb and first finger with the other thumb 20 – 30 times with a pulsing pressure. This is the large Intestine Meridian the “Great Eliminator” DO NOT USE WHEN PREGNANT
  4. For anxiety & stress – rub the center of the palm with your thumb, HG8 = “Palace of Anxiety” This place is used often in Reflexology on the hands and feet either by holding or rocking or pulsing and is a fantastic aid to release anxiety and stress                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Book a Reflexology Treatment to help                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Tips using Sound
  5. Tone up and Tune up every day with am “OM” Continuous Toning brings the mind’s distracted focus back inwards leading to a stronger core while the Sound moves through you clearing obstacles and generating more Peace.

6. Tip for a peaceful mind – We have 2 small bumps on our forehead almost as if we have 2 horns and        if we place the flat of the fingers gently on them either side and breathe this often leads to a calming          of the mind and stilling of thoughts.  Whenever we take a time out from being caught up in the                    stream of chaos of everyday life and unstick from it this gives people a pause and a respite and a rest

7. Ever felt like your head could explode and your shoulders are like concrete?

Tip for release – Hook you thumb up under the back of the base of the skull and press firmly or better       yet book for an Indian Head Massage

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Reflexology Tips