Individual Sound Healing Sessions

Healing Sound has the natural ability to bring “dissonance” or imbalance caused by the body, energy or very cells vibrating out of tune by introducing a healthy pattern or original blueprint of health. It does this through “entrainment”. The sound or tone creates a pattern of vibration that encourages the sick cell or part or whole to match its pure vibration thereby pulling it back into the correct alignment. Just like water has to travel downwards, the mis-note finds it irresistible to match the higher vibration through an individual sound healing and so is re-wired correctly. During an individual sound healing session the appropriate notes and sounds are chosen for you. Sound is also heard and felt.

Using Healing Voice through toning (making a pure note and directing into the body or energy aura where needed and at the correct pitch)

Tuning forks your body can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance, by instantaneously altering your body’s chemistry and bring the nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. Your body enters a deep state of relaxation leaving you centered and at peace.

Sounding bowls, Drums & Rattles

Sounding Bowls bring a sacred resonance and deep relaxation experience and can usually be felt strongly                                                             The Drum Voice creates a heartbeat rhythm which slows the heart and breathing and brings about peace               The Rattle Has the ability to break up and release stuck energy, clearing the self

I also use a tuning fork set for the Chakra scale and also the musical sharps for the minor in between or geographical chakras as well as the Om tuning fork. These can be used alone, together and at meridian points. The Om can be used on the Spine & Body.

I may also use Bija Mantras,

  • Affirmations,
  • Sanskrit Sounds,
  • Interval Healing
  • Drumming & Rattling
  • Tibetan Bowls & Tingshaws

Just a few tools available at heartsongtherapies