Sound Healing Workshops

Sound Healing WorkshopsMaking & receiving Sound deeply resonates every cell and fills the body-mind-spirit with golden light & joy, breath and health.

Working & playing & healing with Sound reveals a simplicity & gentle naturalness that changes us seemingly magically without us being aware.

We start to free & release the emotions & toxic debris by using natural sounds of groaning, sighing or laughter as well as simple movements (Chi Gung) to prepare the self & the body to sound itself. These may also include simple exercises to open the throat to sing & breathing to release the tension in the body just like stretching before exercising. Grounding and Laughing exercises, connecting to the Earth Song increase our fun.

Now you are prepared we can explore how sounding can lift you up.


Using pure & simple one-word notes (like OOO or AAH) very simply resounds or resonates the physical & energetic body, re-tuning the cells and organs, emotions and stilling thoughts.

Toning together often result in the group becoming one sound receiving a group sound healing much more than the sum of the individuals alone.


were intuited & designed by the Ancient Masters to bring about a meditative state through the sounds and meanings and repetition in order to still the mind to make it easier to access the internal Divine Source. Specific Mantras also are used to protect from negative patterns and thoughts and events & to act as an antidote to suffering and negative thoughts. They also connect us to a very old and powerful tradition and time-line.

Tribal Chants & Simple Songs

Chanting mostly Native American & Maori songs is not only fun & makes the Heart Sing but also brings about peace & connection. Singing simple healing songs can bring a “sweetness” and heartfelt connection to the group, to encourage creativity in a supported way and again is much fun.

Tone through the Chakras

Every chakra contains all things but does have a dominant colour, expression and sound. They also represent certain archetypal energy (particular ways of Being) which can become blocked & so block our full potential. Using toning can help unblock or resolve this tension through the emotional field independent of thoughts. We tone specific notes and/or Sanskrit Bija notes to bring these into balance and receive an affirmation for each chakra.

Shamanic Journey

Using the Drum & Rattle & Native Chants facilitate your journey into the Self. The Drum is a Gift to help access the “Lower Realms” & to keep us Grounded, close to Planet Earth.

Other Events

Meditation & Mantra – using sound & Mantras to bring about a stillness meditation & transformation.